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Karen Newton International is a global company with a network of online websites and training to help you build wealth, income and lifestyle.

The way this is achieved is through building online businesses and investing the profits into Property, Shares, Crypto, Gold and Silver.

We have a network of websites to help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

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Karen Newton

The main website is think of this as your general informative website. The signpost website. Here you’ll discover blogs about the economy and how that is likely to affect you and your family.

There are tips and information about each aspect of building online business, investing in property, shares, crypto, gold and silver along with much more.

Karen Newton International

KNI Coaching is where you’ll get access to our membership groups and training courses.

The membership groups consist of

Members Only – main focus is on learning to build online businesses

KNI Mastermind – provides training on how to invest the profits

Online Business Mastery and Zero to Millionaire are two training courses provided through the membership groups depending on which membership is joined.

The courses can be bought separately.

In addition there are more courses to help you build wealth, income and lifestyle.

The Online Entrepreneur

The Online Entrepreneur is your reference guide to building online businesses including creating a website; affiliate marketing; memberships and more.

With handy tips about navigating the world of social media advertising and dealing with search engine optimisation, this website will help you build a successful online business.

There is a FREE weekly newsletter covering one topic per week with an action step to get you closer to building a successful business.

For more information about The Online Entrepreneur visit

Guide to Property Options

Property options are an easy way to get into the property market by controlling property and eventually buying if that is the intention.

Property Options help us to get access to property and test the water.

With a variety of different property options each having a specific purpose Guide to Property Options website will help you navigate through the pros and cons of using options.

Property Options are a strategy used by Karen Newton International to help clients get on the property ladder through our joint venture opportunities

Digital Investments – Shares and Crypto

Navigating the investment opportunities in shares and crypto takes time to understand so a special website was created to help understand different types of strategies and how they can be used to grow your wealth.

Shares are a great way of supporting property options especially if you decide to keep an option at the end of it’s term. Shares are also great as a pension scheme.

Karen Newton International runs joint venture US share investing groups. In February 2024 we have 200 customers using the investing groups with nearly $1 million invested.

Crypto offers amazing opportunities and you’ll discover more about this and share investing at

Gold Silver Investor

Gold and Silver have long been recognised a perfect hedges in difficult economic times.

On Gold Silver Investor you’ll discover different strategies for building wealth with gold and silver.

Formula for Wealth

This is our online event where we bring in guest speakers to show you how to build wealth through – mindset, business, property, digital assets and commodities.

Help 2-3 times a year you’ll discover new ways to stay motivated and build wealth

Check – for new events and some of the amazing presentations by past speakers

Self-Publishing Network

Karen started her online career as a self-publisher back in 2003. Since then she has had several #1 International Bestsellers and Bestsellers.

With 90% of people saying publishing a book is top of their bucket list this was one of the first courses Karen taught.

Today you can find coaching courses and resources at


What Are You Waiting For?

Whatever you want to achieve in life there is something through Karen Newton International to help you achieve it from writing and publishing your books, creating online websites, marketing on social media or investing in property, shares and commodities.

Karen Newton International can help you get there.

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